We’re very excited to announce another session of our Programmable Robotics Workshop, featuring our newly invented MOB Robot kits, which are designed and manufactured in-house! We’ve been hard at work inventing a kit focused on open-source hardware that solves many issues of cost and capabilities that many beginning roboticists struggle with in their exploits. In … Read moreProgrammable Robotics Workshop Saturday September 28th

Lots of people have an idea of something awesome that they would want to build, with the caveat “If I only knew how…”  and that one statement seems to be the only obstacle in their way.  For some the supposed complexity of programming or electronics is daunting and remains an obscure idea to very creative … Read moreArduino Basics Workshop

SWI Section of SWE presents, Geek Jewelry Making Drop in sometime between 11am-3pm on Saturday at the Reuseum on 108 W 33rd St in Garden City.  We will provide all the parts you need to make earrings or necklaces and you buy the geekly pretties from the Reuseum’s enormous stock of resistors, capacitors and LEDs.  Geek Jewelry … Read moreIdaho Society of Women Engineers presents: Geek Jewelry Making

Ever just kinda, wanted to take stuff apart because it sounded like fun?  For some, the answer might be yes!  There is much to be said for the benefits of following through.  You get to use tools, check out the pieces inside stuff, and see how things are made.  We can also learn about things … Read moreDeconstruction Lab

Robot Lab is a consistent and open builder’s meetup for robot enthusiasts that want to get their hands dirty on some interesting and exciting projects.  On our first meeting of 2014, we would like to open entries to participate in an cooperative build of two team robots, made from scrap and donated parts, that will … Read moreRobotLab: Winter Sessions