So How Does This Work?

Are you a teacher, instructor or professor?  Need materials, equipment or supplies? Check with us and see if we can help.  We’ll try to supply what you need for no or little cost.

Want to sponsor a science or technology workshop?  We know a lot of smart people.

We are able to help others through your donations of surplus and unwanted technology-related items.  Businesses, institutions and individuals are all welcome to participate.

It can be old, outdated or just plain broken.  We’ll either refurbish it, dismantle it for parts and/or recycle it responsibly.

Here’s just a short sampling of what we can use:

  • Manufacturing equipment and supplies
  • Test equipment
  • Laboratory equipment and supplies
  • Business equipment
  • Servers and networking equipment
  • Computers & household electronics
  • Spare parts, electronic and electrical components
  • Metal stocks, hardware and materials to make things.
You can drop items off 7 days a week at The Reuseum.  If you’re a business and want to donate a number of items, we can accommodate you on short notice.
Some of your donations are sold at The Reuseum surplus store to generate revenue for workshops and general operations.  If there’s a donation that we know can fill an immediate request, that’s where it will go.
And if an item is at the end of its useful life, we make every effort to recycle as much of it as possible.
The net effect is that people are educated, people are employed and the local economy is strengthened.