Circuit Basics Workshop 4/7/12

Have you ever wondered how to make a robot is made? Or how to make an LED light blink?  How does an engineer design a circuit? We are very excited to bring back one of our favorite workshops of all time to answer those questions the Circuit Basics Workshop!  The truth is, once you get your feet wet, you’ll see that many electronic circuits are not only pretty easy to decipher, but can be used with many different purposes in mind.

Anyone looking to get their hands dirty, artists and crafters who would like to add interesting features to their creative designs, or even someone interested in DIY electronics for their tinkering hobby can gain that mastery and empowerment to build their own circuits.  Please come down on Saturday the 14th of April and introduce yourself to something new!

The Circuit Basics Workshop is great for people as young as 7 years old with a chaperone, and there is no soldering required!  The workshop will start at 12pm, Saturday April 7th. You can reserve your spot now by purchasing a ticket in advance via Eventbrite. Limited spots are available!

This workshop is brought to you by: Reuseum Educational, Inc.  We’re a 501 (c) (3) not‐for‐profit organization that provides materials & expertise in the support of scientific & technology education.