Great Donations!

We are always very grateful for the support that our community gives us for our recycling program, and the donations of creative and useful things that we can use for projects and workshops.  This week there are some great, hackable items we’ve received and would like to highlight for you.

The Intel Play microscopes are an example of a companies software going out of date before the hardware becomes useless. they have an older CMOS sensor in them that runs just fine with an updated driver.  There are even more resources available that are discussed in this forum thread by Open Lab Idaho’s maker members.   All in all we see a lot of good potential to do some neat projects with these microscopes, and we hope to continue to see some good progress on the projects that have already started.

Also in is this nostalgic Atari system in need of some love and attentive use.  It would go great with a projector for an all night marathon of old school mayhem, don’t you think?

Items here are available at the Reuseum, where the proceeds from sales and recycling help us create and facilitate educational workshops and provide opportunities for resourcing to educators and community members in the Treasure Valley.