Pink, a short film

We are very proud and thankful to have been housing a talented team of film makers in the recent months.  Pink is a Strangecraft production, in association with Owyheesound, and directed by Chaz Gentry.

I am very impressed with their ability to suspend my reality with the setting  (I’m here almost every day) and prop use.

Nathan, our resident practitioner of film runs the shop on Wednesdays and will be expanding his role at Boise State this fall as a professor in the broadcasting department.  Much of his work is published on his website, Owyheesound.  We hope that in the future students and film makers will seek the same potential that Nathan and Chaz have seen in the Reuseum, they have certainly done a great job and we are very inspired by what they have achieved. Though tale of fiction, after viewing Pink, I definitely walk a bit warier when the lights are off at the end of the day…