DIY Sensors Workshop 10/13/12

Sometimes the key to a great project is the way it interacts with the world, or the fact that a certain project can harness data from its environment and display it in a creative way. To do this you’ll need a sensor. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be relatively inexpensive (or hilariously expensive). Even on the cheap side, the cost can add up quickly if you want to be able to take in data from multiple sensors. The truth is, that most sensors are very simply constructed, and since we’re talking about creativity here, can be made with design in mind so you can fabricate them specifically for your project!

On Saturday, October 13th at 12pm-3pm, Participants at this workshop will learn to create their own electronic sensors from readily available materials. We’ll be making sensors to detect force, pressure, tilt and direction, humidity and more will all be covered, and everyone will have the opportunity to make them and take them home to incorporate with their inventions. We’ll even throw in a cool components kit including stuff you can make sensors at home with, like conductive thread, foam, and fabric. Think of making your own powerglove, interactive clothing or jewelry, or even a sculpture with hidden elements that bring it to life. The fact is, once you can build a sensor from scratch, you’ll be able to go a long way in your projects using found materials.

All ages are welcome, though children 8 or younger will want to bring a chaperone.

Using simple tools, we’ll be able to see how these DIY sensors are taking in information from the world, and learn to program them with micro controllers like Arduino to make our projects come to life!

Each workshop kit includes:

-Breadboard for prototyping stuff

-Conductive foam, fabric and thread

-Wire, lots of wire

-Electronic components like resistors and LED’s

-Copperclad board and various metal exotica

The cost of the workshop kit is $59.99 in case you don’t have an Arduino, and in case you do, the cost of the components kit to make sensors is $34.99

If you would like to attend the workshop, please register here!

This workshop is produced by David Gapen, for Reuseum Educational, Inc.

The workshop is October 13th, 2012 at 12pm -3pm!