Deconstruction Lab

Ever just kinda, wanted to take stuff apart because it sounded like fun?  For some, the answer might be yes!  There is much to be said for the benefits of following through.  You get to use tools, check out the pieces inside stuff, and see how things are made.  We can also learn about things worth “upcycling”, or use for: making prototypes, take-apart art, or as replacement pieces for important tools and resources.

At Reuseum Ed. we get to see really cool examples of relics and awesome one of a kind pieces of technology from past generations, and celebrate how things are made by recycling and exploring the workings of awesome technology. Thanks to donations from local businesses and institutions such as the cool vintage AV gear from Micron Giving that we’ll be using in this December’s sessions, much of the cool tech that we resource for recycling is pretty unique.  Learning how we take take things apart so that we get parts (not pieces :)) is important, and we can also remember and practice using hand tools like screwdrivers and hot glue guns.

Deconstruction Lab is a free workshop event, All ages w/ a parent, and fun for pretty much anyone who likes to make things, and use found objects in their art, or science.  We will be hosting two labs in December, Our first session  is on the Saturday the 8th at 10am, and the next will be Friday the 28th at noon!

We hope to see you there!