The Art & Science of Indie Gaming

A great way to have some great quality time is to simply play games.  We all have bins and closets packed with our favorites and we think it might be a fun time if we all got together and had a gaming night at Reuseum Ed to celebrate the holidays!

We love our games, and like playing classic games we grew up with, making new concepts for the games we have, and even inventing our own games with our imaginations and ingenuity. We have the tools to make lots of fun stuff too, and practice creating sculptures with our  3D printers, papercraft templates and inspiration from other awesome games that you make.

Feel free to bring your favorite game to play from home, or bring your game with missing pieces to hack together with another game in like condition in order to make a game mashup!

We’ll also have some awesome homemade games like Seej and other DIY favorites out for play, like our giant Interplanetary Exploration game that our Raising Makers group is inventing.  Members of Open Lab Idaho will also be there, showing off some fun independently produced video games that excel that bring tons of creativity into their play, and bring a lot of what has always been fun about video games back into the limelight.

Come one, come all to the Reuseum on Saturday, December 15th All day, from 10am to 6pm.  This is a free event! Optional materials and kits for DIY games and pieces are available for purchase.