This Holiday Season we’re building our own ALFs.

This Holiday Season we’re building our own,  ALFs? Yes, that is right, instead of small yet fantastic minions to do our bidding, we’ve got some of our own handiwork to do! Analog line following robots are one of many interesting ways to start learning about robotics and science, and can be assembled with creative and fun elements added in that make your new creature come alive in your own unique way.

Our friends at the Shanghai Hackerspace, Xin Che Jian have put together a unique collective that develops and creates many unique designs for popular genres of robotics such as BEAM and  builder communities like

We’ve got some great ideas on activities for these awesome ‘bots, like tracks, or making addons that let it interact with others and let you personalize your robot.

From 11-4pm on Saturday the 29th of December, we’ll be making these critters, and will have tools and materials to make your own ALF robots, plus some knowledgeable experts on soldering and making things to guide you though the process. 

Cost of the Workshop is $25 including a kit, or if you have your own kit already, it’s only $10 for class instruction and consumables!  No need to register for this one, first come, first served! This workshop is fit for individuals as young as 8 years old, as long as they have a parent supervisor along to help them use a soldering pencil.