3D Printing for Education

In 2012 we received a very humbling request to make two 3D printers for local high schools, and this fall we installed them and began training teachers and students alike to operate the printers. In the near future, we hope to help them learn to assemble new printers, and harness the awesome power to not only manufacture and prototype new things, but to build the machines that make those things as well. It is for learning these fundamental skills that we strive to incorporate into our service, and part of the experience we provide with every new printer we bring into the world.

Open-source desktop manufacturing  is quickly becoming the next major technological revolution, and like many that have come before, it promises to shed new light on the way we think about creating and inventing, as well as the way we act as consumers.   Much to the credit of global movements like Reprap the technology and community of science, open-source hardware is evolving at an extremely rapid pace.  Companies that design and build 3D printers often suffer from their own structure as they try and maintain a proprietary model that hinders the true nature of growth and innovation embraced by individuals and institutions alike through Reprap. Not only do we provide a 3D printer, but the service of training and fostering the ethic that makes Reprap a technology based on growth and new ideas.

In 2013, we will be continuing our work of making, inventing, and fostering community culture, and we would like to bring it to your doorstep.  We would like to offer to individuals, educators, and educational institutions the ability to make and use their own desktop 3D printer, as well as resources and consultation on forming grassroots community campaigns to provide funding and subsidization.  Our current educational package includes a kit or fully assembled and ready to print Reprap 3D printer, training, and hardware upgrade options to keep in line with the rate of progression and innovation that this technology sees.

If you or your organization is interested in sourcing a 3D printer, please contact Dave at info(at) reuseum.com, and make sure and include “3D printers for Education” in the subject line.