Electronics Reference Guide Posters, For a Cause!

We’ve agreed to help a great online robotics community called Let’s Make Robots venture to stay ad free and so are helping to raise funds for their costs by benefiting them with proceeds from these awesome Robot Builder’s Reference Guides, created by a great mentor and member of Let’s Make Robots, the one and only Oddbot. If you would like your own poster, please come down to the shop, or contact Dave at info(at)reuseum.com! They are only $10  each, and support not one, but TWO good causes!

They are BIG (841mm x 594mm or 33.1in x 23.4in), beautiful and provide a lot of basic information on these subjects:

  • Volts, current, resistance, power and temperature.
  • Reading resistor and capacitor values.
  • Types of capacitors.
  • Reading schematic diagrams.
  • Robot power supplies (linear and switchmode).
  • Digital and analog voltage translation.
  • Using LEDs.
  • BJT and FET transistors.
  • Calculating the size of a required heatsink.
  • Conversion formulas.
  • Ruler (metric and imperial).

These wall charts are printed on thick glossy paper and look fantastic! Brighten up your workspace and have useful information available at a glance.

Most importantly! 
For every wall chart sold, $5 will be donated to LMR. When you buy a wall chart you are supporting LMR and ensuring that LMR remains free of advertising.

From LMR-

“LMR provides a spam and advertising free site for all robot builders and enthusiasts without charging any one anything. We can only do that because you buy this stuff. It’s true. You make the difference. This visit you are doing right now do now cost bandwidth. Every visit does, we have to get the money from somewhere. Buy the poster to pay back – and get something pretty and quite handy in exchange 😉

This robot builders electronic reference guide has been created and distributed by LMR members. It does not matter if you are a complete novice, a student or an experienced builder, this wall chart is a quick reference guide that we hope will help you for years to come.

And you can always look at it and be proud that you helped in keeping the site alive ;D”