Spring Break STEM Sessions

Over the week of Spring Break, feel free to sign up for one of our awesome intro workshops!  Each class shouldn’t take too much of a chunk out of your Spring Break schedule, and might be just the kind of fun that you want to have.  WE will be learning to solder for the first time, and making the badge to prove it, working on our first robots or electronic circuits, and even exploring the secrets of the universe with our new Atomic Polygons!  Every workshop works to provide a new and interesting skill and activity for every kinds of active and aspiring scientist. Check out our schedule below and see what looks fun to you!

Monday 24.3.2014- Learn to Solder, Noon-2pm

Tuesday 25.3.2014- Recycled Robots, 10am-Noon

Wednesday 26.3.2014- Circuit Basics,  Noon-3pm

Thursday 27.3.2014- HiveBugs! 3pm-6pm

Friday 28.3.2014- Atomic Polygons, 4pm-6pm

Saturday 29.3.2014 –Open  RobotLab, Noon-2pm & Arduino Basics 

Please follow the links and register to your favorite classes, there are limited spots to fill!