Boise had been my home off and on for nearly 40 years. I hammered my way through college, working for my Father’s residential roofing company, graduating from Boise State with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.
 After college, I found my way to the financial services industry, working for a mutual fund company in Salt Lake City. I put my love of numbers to work, studying calculations to confirm their accuracy or identify errors. Eventually, I suspended my career to become a full-time homemaker and home-educator to our boys, Robinson and Tanner.
 My return to Boise in 2015 also resettled me in financial services. I joined Morgan Stanley with a focus on financial planning. While I was using my familiarity with numbers to project retirement spending, I also became acquainted with Reuseum. My love of numbers and tools have provided me with great opportunities, so their mission of taking STEM to local youth resonated with me.
 My husband, Stephen, and I have been married for 19 years, and we love taking our boys on adventures. The boys keep us busy with their activities, which currently include cross country, basketball, and weightlifting.