Green Dots are the sign of your support

Your donations have gotten us off to a great start. Some items given so far include: misc. computer parts, airbrushes, and even a working Nikon 8000 film scanner! Look for green “Re” stickers at the Reuseum Surplus Outlet Store in Garden City, ID.  eBay sales are being handled by Obtainium Technology Recyclers.  Sales proceeds fund … Read more

Our First & Last Donations of 2011

There were literally only a few days between the start-up of Reuseum Educational and the end of 2011.  During that short span new patrons wasted no time donating. Thanks for the really nice, working Integra stereo tuner, misc. office supplies &  Bearcat radio scanner.  Thanks also for the e-scrap in the form of a drowned … Read more

So How Does This Work?

Are you a teacher, instructor or professor?  Need materials, equipment or supplies? Check with us and see if we can help.  We’ll try to supply what you need for no or little cost. Want to sponsor a science or technology workshop?  We know a lot of smart people. We are able to help others through … Read more

Our Partner – The Reuseum

Have something to give?  Contact our partner The Reuseum.  John Schiff or David Gapen can fill you in on what Reuseum Educational is and how you can help. The Reuseum is located at 108 West 33rd Street in Garden City, Idaho.  Their phone number is 208-375-7507.  Visit  They are also on Facebook & Twitter.