Drop-in Deconstruction Lab!

DECONSTRUCTION LAB (free open house!)  January 10, 11AM – 2PM Ever want to just tear something apart, just to see what’s inside? Well come tear it up with us! This drop-in Deconstruction Lab is a creative activity covering the topics of what recycled technology looks like, what methods are used to refine it, and an exploration … Read more

STEM Double-header: Geek Jewelry Making and Vehicle Aerodynamics, Saturday, December 13!

Both events are open-house style. Just drop in and join us! VEHICLE AERODYNAMICS! with Greenspeed Research and The Reuseum 10:30AM – 12:30PM Join Greenspeed and The Reuseum to see the car and meet the people that set the land speed record for a vehicle powered by vegetable oil. You’ll learn about vehicle aerodynamics and wind resistance, … Read more

Idaho Gives!

Reuseum Educational, Inc. is participating in Idaho Gives! Are you? Reuseum Ed is very excited to be taking part in the Idaho Nonprofit Center‘s Idaho Gives event this year. From the Idaho Gives web site, “Idaho Gives is a special day for philanthropy across Idaho. A day for nonprofits to tell their stories and share … Read more

Spring Break STEM Sessions

Over the week of Spring Break, feel free to sign up for one of our awesome intro workshops! Each class shouldn’t take too much of a chunk out of your Spring Break schedule, and might be just the kind of fun that you want to have. WE will be learning to solder for the first time, and making the badge to prove it, working on our first robots or electronic circuits, and even exploring the secrets of the universe with our new Atomic Polygons! Every workshop works to provide a new and interesting skill and activity for every kinds of active and aspiring scientist. Check out our schedule below and see what looks fun to you!

Recycled Robots: A First Circuit for Aspiring Inventors

Some obsolete technologies such as cellphones and retired pagers can be to use and become tools of learning. You might have already seen lots of ideas surrounding the art of making a simple bristlebot, essentially a motor and battery glued onto the bristle end of an old toothbrush. This is a great idea, and we put a little twist on the kit by using recycled parts from cast off phones, pagers, and other small handheld devices. Other parts that we put into kits are items such as colorful wire, springs, gears, pieces of cd’s, and electronic components, to augment our robot’s look and feel