Board Members

Steve Rodoletz

Steve has been the Execute Director of Reuseum Educational, Inc. since 2014. His past professional occupations have included time as a High School teacher, a chef, a surgical assistant, involvement in a Human Genetics patent, time doing Graphics layout and design, Program Director for the Social Security Administrations Idaho Benefits Planning Assistance and Outreach Program in conjunction with the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and he has a 31 year old parrot… Hal.

Tiffany Greyson, PE

Tiffany Greyson designs robots that push the boundaries of technology and impact the future of mankind. Tiffany is the Principle R&D Engineer at Bastian Laboratories, a Toyota Company, as well as a registered professional Engineer in the state of Idaho. She has designed autonomous warehouse robots, smart conveyor systems, self-driving forklifts, and robotic arms that can find and pick grocery items for customers. In her spare time, Tiffany and her Husband Adam are raising three little nerdlings

Larry Price

Larry has proudly served on the Reuseum Board for over four years now. Prior to that, he was a prominent member of the Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors. He is also a current Board Member of Dress Success, another local non-profit that helps women in Idaho get back on their feet and into the workforce. His profession is in Telecommunications and has worked in that industry for over 36 years. Larry is the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Syringa Networks, in Boise, Idaho. 

“It is a sincere pleasure and joy to be a part of Reuseum and it’s wonderful efforts to help our children learn the importance of STEM for their immediate success and future.”

Meegan Yarnall

My husband Jeff and I were Franchise Owners and Operators of the six Dutch Bros. Coffee locations in Meridian and Eagle, Idaho for 13 years. My main focus with our company was managing the finances and keeping the books in order. We partnered with Reuseum for several years to donate funds through our annual Buck-4-Kids Event. We sold the franchise in 2020 and have semi-retired. We have two beautiful daughters and a cute fluffy Labradoodle. I enjoy being on the board for Reuseum and supplying input to help shape and grow this wonderful organization.

Jeff Yarnall

I have always had a passion for people; encouraging and helping them to grow and become the best versions of themselves. I’ve been managing businesses and people in the service industry for over 30 years. My wife Meegan and I were the Franchise Owners and Operators of the six Dutch Bros. coffee locations in Meridian and Eagle, Idaho for 13 years. Dutch Bros, was the perfect platform for us to grow amazing young leaders who were excited to help our community and local charitable organizations. We partnered with the Reuseum for several years to raise funds for growth. We sold the franchise in 2020 and have semi-retired. We have 2 beautiful daughters and spend our time traveling and working on personal projects. I am excited to be on the board for Reuseum to help grow this amazing organization so it can expand it’s reach and offer more STEM workshops throughout Idaho.

Dan Donegan

Dan is a graduate of U of A in Electrical Engineering 1971. Dan is married to Ying Donegan, and has five children. Dan worked in the electronic countermeasures industry for five years after college and then moved on to the computer industry. His main employers were IBM and HP, which he retired from in 2002. He then founded a LED lighting company called SimplyLEDs, which he retired from in 2019. He still is an active board member there.

David Cuoio

David Cuoio retired in 2015 after a 40 year career in print journalism and corporate communications. During the last 28 of those years, he served as a public relations manager for the J. R. Simplot Company in Boise. In addition to his other responsibilities at Simplot, he served as the company’s media spokesman from 2009 until retirement. He was named the Ada County Planning and Zoning Commissioner for three year term from 2018 to 2021, the last year of which he served as chairman.

Larry Cornelius

Larry has spend over 20 years working with the most prominent companies in e-commerce chemical distribution, regional banking and most recently in the payment technology space. He is currently the Senior Business Development Director for Cardknox, a division of Fidelity Payments, a privately held international payments company. Larry has had the privilege of working with some of the most influential entrepreneurs and executives around our great country to build technology solutions that improve our local and national communities.

Annette Wells

Annette Wells Small

Annette graduated from Boise State University with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Economics minor. After graduation, she found her way to the financial services industry, working as an internal auditor for a mutual fund company in Salt Lake City. She eventually suspended her career for a time to become a full-time homemaker and home-educator to two rowdy boys, Robinson and Tanner. In 2016, Annette returned to Boise and to financial services when she joined Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor. While networking in the community, she became acquainted with the Reuseum and its mission to bring STEM to local youth. In 2021, Annette accepted the position of Branch Manager for the Billings, MT branch of Morgan Stanley, and the Reuseum graciously allowed her to continue her service on the Board as a remote member.

Jared Talley

Jared Talley headshot

I was born and raised in the Southwestern Idaho, like many generations before me, and I am deeply connected to these desert communities. I am an environmental philosopher by training, but an interdisciplinary scholar by practice. Helping rural communities educate their youth and amplify their voice in collaborative spaces allows these communities the self-determination that is needed to adapt to a changing world. Specifically, I study grazing management and public land permitting, community-led monitoring programs, place-based environmental governance and rural education, rural environmental collaboration, conservation justice, and the imaginative experience of our natural and built environments — all in the contexts of the intermountain American West.

Angela Hemingway

Hemingway,Angela(2022)_IMG_4214_Leap-Photography_(4x5,300dpi) copy

Dr. Angela Hemingway spent 21 years teaching in STEM classrooms, from AP Biology and AP statistics to Advanced Research and Microbiology at Boise State University. Her knowledge of science and love of teaching led to her win many awards including Biology and STEM Teacher of the Year. In August 2015, Governor Otter appointed her the Executive Director of the Idaho STEM Action Center, focusing on workforce development, educator professional development, business and industry partnerships, and digital inclusion. She has been nominated for Idaho Woman of the Year for the past 5 years and was named the Idaho CEO of Influence in 2020. She later transitioned to serve as an Education and Workforce Development Advisor for T-Mobile, focusing on educational policies to scale digital inclusion on a national level. She serves as the leading expert for T-Mobile on the Affordable Connectivity Program, the Emergency Connectivity Fund, Broadband funding, and campus security.

Soñia  R.  Galaviz

Born and raised in the Silver Valley; Ed.D. in curriculum and instruction, STEM education emphasis, Boise State University (2020); M.A. in curriculum and instruction, bilingual education emphasis, Boise State University (2005); B.A. in elementary education (K-8), bilingual education emphasis, Boise State University (2002); Boise State University Distinguished Alumni, 2021; Wassmuth Center for Human Rights, Idaho Human Rights Educator of the Year, 2020; National Education Association Foundation Awards for Teaching Excellence, National Teacher of the Year, 2017; Industry’s Excellent Educators Dedicated to STEM (INDEEDS) Award, 2016; children: MacKenzie and Max.