3D Printing Demonstration with Open Lab Idaho and Passport to Boise

Event Details


3D Printing Demonstration – November 8, 1 – 3PM

Ever heard of a 3D printer? Ever seen one in action? The Reuseum and Open Lab Idaho will demonstrate what this compelling new technology can do. From creating and sharing 3D models of real objects, to actually modeling them physically and making them real, tangible objects for the first time, there is a ton of inspiration and learning that 3D printing can provide. Join us to explore some new techniques on how to make stuff yourself!

The demonstration will include computer modeling as well as 3D printing output. Kids will see what 3D printing looks like in real life as well as via onscreen demonstrations of fast-motion 3D printing, to help kids visualize how a 3D printer completes a complex project. There will also be completed models for the kids to interact with, as well as plenty of Q&A time to stimulate curious minds.

This event is open to Passport to Boise participants, who may register online at passporttoboise.org. Register today!

If you are interested in a 3D printing demonstration for your organization, please contact us at info@reuseum.com!