Arduino Basics Workshop

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Lots of people have an idea of something awesome that they would want to build, with the caveat “If I only knew how…”  and that one statement seems to be the only obstacle in their way.  For some the supposed complexity of programming or electronics is daunting and remains an obscure idea to very creative people.  Even just finding a topic to get your feet wet can sometimes be challenging. Learning to program and make cool automated stuff should be fun, and frankly, totally is once you can harness the initial fundamentals of it all.

Open-source Hardware projects like Arduino make the introduction to all of the coding and electronics components orders of magnitude easier to handle. With many exciting examples and learning tools, making ideas work in the Arduino environment stays fun and fulfilling. Participants in the Arduino Basics workshop will receive their own take home kits including an Arduino microcontroller, breadboard, components for experimentation, and any necessary stickers and fun swag needed for a geek to survive in the 21st Century.

Topics covered will range from downloading and installing the software to be able to program an Arduino, covering the reference and learning resources available online, looking up examples, and programming an Arduino to use sensors and control components such as servo motors or LED lights.

We would like to encourage everyone to come along and participate, so if you already have an Arduino, or would like to team up with someone to share a kit, or even just would like to watch and take notes, you are more than welcome.

Participants will receive everything they need for the workshop in our Arduino Basics Kit, which includes:

-Arduino Nano
-Small Bread board
-5x LEDS + resistors
-2x Photocell ( light sensor)
-1x IR receiver and LED pair + resistors
-1x Piezo buzzer
-1x Servo

The cost of the workshop is $45, included the above mentioned kit. Please register your place in the workshop via this registration page.
The Workshop is being held on Saturday, March 29th, 2014  2:30pm-5:30pm. The Arduino Basics workshop is highly recommended for ages 8 and up.