Arduino Basics Workshop

Event Details


Learn to build and program an Arduino!

Arduino simplifies the introduction to coding and electronics, which allows DIYers a chance to program their own cool automated stuff. Topics will range from downloading and installing Arduino programming software to building and programming an Arduino to use sensors and control components such as servo motors or LED lights. We’ll also discuss online resources, how to look up examples, and other elements that will help grow your new skills.

Participants in the Arduino Basics workshop will receive their own take-home kits and any necessary stickers and fun swag needed for a geek to survive in the 21st century.


The Arduino Basics kit includes:

– Arduino Nano

– Small Breadboard

– 5x LEDS + resistors

– 2x Photocell ( light sensor)

– 1x IR receiver and LED pair + resistors

– 1x Piezo buzzer

– 1x Servo

This workshop is highly recommended for ages 8 and up. Register your place in the workshop now!