Atomic Polygons, Spring Break March 28th, 2014

Event Details

2014-02-07 16.04.56

Dave’s got these crazy cool new models he’s been making that he swears “unlock the secrets of the universe,” which is all we can really get out of him because he starts laughing maniacally and runs off. From what we gather, they are called Atomic Polygons and are actually really cool! They are papercraft Platonic Solids that Dave has somehow made to react with each other, and that you can use as many things.

In this fun workshop, participants build their own model polygons and then use them to create structures and learn about the bonding of atoms and molecules. It’s an engaging, hands-on experience that demonstrates the composition of matter.

We will have a limited number of the first run of prototype Atomic Polygons available for purchase for $24.99/kit (with workshop), and you can register via our online registration page