Build Your Own Minecraft Server!

Event Details

Build Your Own Minecraft Server,

Saturday, September 12th – 10am to 2pm

Lots of people – kids and adults alike – enjoy playing Minecraft. The single-player game is fun, but the multi-player game is a blast! In this workshop, you will build your own Minecraft server to play in a multi-player environment in which your friends and family can join or leave the game as they please. Minecraft takes on a whole new dimension when multiple players are involved!

In this workshop, each student will:

Receive a desktop PC for their server
Get a basic introduction to Linux
Learn to configure a Minecraft server
Learn to connect to a server
Have fun playing Minecraft with others on a server!
Learn how to find & implement Minecraft mods
Learn about Internet safety
Learn how to set up their new server at home

There will be an optional purchase keyboard, mouse and monitor for an unbeatable $20.00.

This is one-session workshop!  At the end, each student will have their own completed Minecraft server to take home.

You will need a Minecraft license to participate in this class. If you don’t already have a Minecraft license, you may purchase one here. Be sure to bring your Mojang account username and password to the workshop.

Recommended ages 10 to adult. Children under 14 should be accompanied by an adult chaperon.

This is going to be awesome! Click here to register for this class.  The cost is $60.00 and includes all hardware.