Build Your Own Stuntsaber!

Event Details

IMG_0167 med res


Dave has channeled The Force to build this prototype stuntsaber in preparation for an April 26 workshop. Want to build your own? ‘Cuz yeah, this is gonna be a cool build session. You’ll have a choice of several colors for your custom ‘saber, and 3D printed details will complete the look. Participants will use basic hand tools and materials, learn about the power supply and how to calculate power requirements, build and solder the basic circuitry, and perform a ground-up build of their ‘saber.

Pictured is the original prototype build of Dave’s custom stuntsaber. Participants will be building their own production stuntsabers, complete with all the functional and cosmetic elements necessary to have an exceptionally cool, hand-built ‘saber by the end of the class. All materials will be provided.

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