Circuit Basics Workshop

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BreadboardCircuits are the building blocks of all electronics. Building your own can empower electronics buffs, tinkers, artists, crafters or anyone else who enjoys the process of creation. Circuits open the door to all kinds of interesting features for both existing and new builds. The Circuit Basics workshop is great for people as young as 7 years old with a chaperone, and there is no soldering required!

The workshop is 4 – 6PM Friday, April 11. You can reserve your spot now by purchasing reservation here. Limited spots are available!

Each 3 in 1 Electronics Kit is $34.99 and will include;

-1ea. Mini Breadboard

-Wire jumpers pack

-Components Pack (Enough parts for three projects plus extras)

-Sensors pack

Anyone with a little curiosity can learn to build their own circuits. We’ll show you how! Join us for this workshop and introduce yourself to something new!

This workshop is brought to you by: Reuseum Educational, Inc. We’re a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization that provides materials & expertise in the support of scientific & technology education.