Deconstruction Lab with Open Lab Idaho and Passport to Boise

Event Details


Deconstruction Lab – October 11, 10:30AM – 12:30PM

The Deconstruction Lab is a creative activity covering the topics of what recycled technology looks like, what methods are used to refine it, and an exploration of what we may do with parts rendered from the process. Each participant will be guided through the deconstruction of recycled technology and will have the opportunity to take insights from engineering, design, manufacturing, and other aspects of the pieces that are taken apart. Participants then have the opportunity to repurpose the technology to make personal sculptures, sort pieces for future projects, and incorporate new knowledge into their daily lives.

Here are some cool images from the last Deconstruction Lab we did!

This event is open to Passport to Boise participants, who may register online at Register today!

If you are interested in a Deconstruction Lab for your organization, please contact us at!