Easter Egg Hunt!

Event Details

Chicken_Foot_AwardReuseum and Reuseum Ed are hosting an Easter egg hunt!! Come down for the main event at 10am on the 19th of April and have fun searching for lots of cool prizes.

What might you find in a Reuseum Easter egg? Kits, gift certificates, workshops or candy? Why yes, but there’s more . . .

Behold the 3D-printed GIANT CHICKEN FOOT AWARD! It’s the Sasquatch of chicken foot trophies – legendary in its elusiveness and rarity. It’s a thing of immeasurable beauty and mystery. And it’s unique because YOU will customize it with your own text! (If you’re the one to find it . . . )

This magnificent, 3D-printed gem will be among the prizes awarded at the Reuseum and Reuseum Ed Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday, April 19. Be the one to claim it and customize it!

We’ll also be demonstrating a 3D printer during the event. It’s fascinating technology, and we invite you to join us to learn a bit about it.

This event is free and suitable for all ages. Come to The Reuseum for the hunt! It’ll be a great way to start your Easter weekend.

By the way, if you were going to give the GIANT CHICKEN FOOT AWARD to someone you know/love/like/dislike/yourself/whomever, what would you inscribe on it?