Greenspeed Research FREE

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FREE   Greenspeed will be here all day and hold workshops at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm for aerodynamics. Come see their amazing truck, talk with the people behind this FAST biodiesel powered truck. Learn about how aerodynamics work on small scales.

From GsR website: In a world more conscious of the need to reduce consumption, source sustainable energy, and increase efficiency, GsR is on the forefront of this emerging transition. Biodiesel is renewable and can be carbon neutral. It can also be made right here at home, with an ever increasing return on investment. This creates local jobs and helps get us closer to energy independence. Petroleum is obtained by depleting natural reserves and importation for almost every country in the world, but biodiesel can lessen this dependence. It is a win-win fuel. Biodiesel is better for the environment and better for the economy.