Hack Night @ Open Lab Idaho

Event Details

PosterThere is a special place in hearts for making things, so there is a special place within our facilities where geeks can come together 24/7 and share their ideas, make things, and hold their own events.  Being part of a community of people that can meet and make such awesome things real is awesome, and every week  we open the doors of the Lab to the public for Hack Night!

via openlabidaho.org

“..from now on, Hack Night will henceforth be known as a weekly event where like-minded geeks hang out and work on projects at the space such as Arduino microcontrollers, computers, 3D printers, and small robots.

Not a member? Not a problem! This is the perfect time to come check out Open Lab Idaho if you haven’t had a chance to yet. Hack Night will start at 6 PM every Wednesday.

This event will be located at Open Lab Idaho at 110 W 33rd Street, Garden City, ID next door to The Reuseum. Look for a white cog and beaker logo on the door!”