HiveBugs March 27th, Spring Break 2014

Event Details

The robots march!

Our 3D printed Hivebugs are fun to build and hack, and can respond to each other and communicate with light. They’re like fireflies that flicker different colors when they see others of their kind doing the same. They also attract or repel other Hivebugs with their magnetic antenna. They can even combine to make swarms and shapes together!

At the Hivebugs workshop, we’ll be building and hacking these fun starter robots and making our own hive! These little ‘bots make for a fun time, and lots of interesting experiments.

This workshop is recommended for ages 8-198. We will be covering basics and there is no soldering required for the kit.

The cost of the workshop is $34.99+tax and includes:

-3D printed platform piece


– 2 ea. CD Rom motors

-Components for 3 different robot designs

-Test Batteries

-Printed robot building tutorial booklet for each project

$34.99, comes with everything you need! Share a kit with your team if you like.