HiveBugs w/ Girl Scouts of Silver Sage

Event Details

IMG_20130202_151102We are happy to host the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage for a class at Re:Ed to celebrate Earth Day and build a fun project to examine how we might make the world a better place! ¬†When we build a robot, our goal is always make our creations perform some sort of experiment that we can repeat and observe, so we’ve made some basic robots that we can program and reconfigure to conduct new experiments.

Hivebugs Workshop with the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage


…and a gallery of the girls’ awesome projecs (we may have missed a couple, will follow up -D)

20130420_131022 20130420_131003 20130420_130958 20130420_130944 20130420_130939 20130420_130933