Intro to 3D Printing @ The Reuseum

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This event finished on 13 May 2014

Intro_3DPrintingHave you ever heard of a 3D printer, and want to get into making stuff  with one? The time is now to learn about 21st century fabrication skills, and we can help you gain the prowess of the cottage inventor to design and produce your own projects and experiments with Reprap 3D printers. Over the course of four weeks, participants will create and share models of real objects as well as model them in 3D design software and make them real, tangible objects for the first time. They will learn to operate and control a Reprap 3D Printer’s movement and production of printed pieces, as well as handy troubleshooting techniques for getting great results.  This technology is made to be accessible, and the machines themselves are learning tools that don’t just making things, but teach people to become engineers and inventors. Come join in on the desktop manufacturing revolution!

Participants will take home several items that they have designed and printed at this class. 

In order to register, please follow this link to our online registration page.