Make your own Bobble-head!

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What a cool Mother’s Day activity. In this amazing 3D printing workshop, you’ll make a model that constantly nods with approval at your ingenuity. We’ll use 3D scanners to capture our likenesses, and will demonstrate how to prepare them for 3D printing. We’ll then teach you how to use open-source CAD modeling software to make a fun mash-up of a new body with your head, and demonstrate how to combine them to create the most awesome custom bobble-heads!

We’ll also begin 3D printing our amazing creations with our Reprap 3D printers in class, with all final 3D model output to be ready for pickup within two weeks. Completed models may be left unpainted, or paint them on your own for a finished look. The end product will be your own custom bobble-head!

Immortalize your mother or wife for Mother’s Day!

Immortalize your children for Mom!

Immortalize yourself ’cause you deserve it, dang it!

Get immortalized!

Only $34.99 for the workshop and your own ~2.5″ custom bobble-head. At the time of the workshop, you’ll have the option to upgrade to a ~5″ bobble-head for $59.99 total. Go for the big one!

Perfect for age 8 & up with a chaperon. This is a perfect Mother’s Day activity and gift – it will be cherished and giggled at for years to come. Click here to register now to reserve your spot!