Programmable Robotics Workshop Saturday September 28th

Event Details

20130430_134520We’re very excited to announce another session of our Programmable Robotics Workshop, featuring our newly invented MOB Robot kits, which are designed and manufactured in-house! We’ve been hard at work inventing a kit focused on open-source hardware that solves many issues of cost and capabilities that many beginning roboticists struggle with in their exploits. In order to celebrate right, we’ll be debuting our robots with some specialty ingredients that workshop goers will be able to snag!

At the workshop, we’ll cover assembly of our robots, programming, connecting to a computer, and experimenting with the sensors included in the kit. Our biggest inspiration when making these kits is to make ours serve the widest range of capabilities and experiments that open-source hardware can offer, and we hope that you’ll value what we’ve made for you!

Kits Include:

-Arduino Nano and MOB Breakout shield
-2x Servo motors and wheels
-6x Sensors (Ultrasonic, Ambient light, IR, Mic Element)
-Test Batteries
The workshop will be held from 11am-3pm, on Saturday,  September 28th 2013. Suggested age range is 10-1000 years old. The workshop price includes a followup session for those who would like to gain extra knowledge, advice, and troubleshooting on their personal robotics lessons and ongoing experiments.

The Programmable Robotics workshop is produced by Reuseum Educational, Inc. and all proceeds help develop new resources and offerings for community science and technology education.

If you would like to attend the workshop, please follow the link here!