Recycled Robots @Hillside Jr. High

Event Details

Time: M from 6:30 PM to 8 PM
Meets: February 3, 2014 (Mon)
Location: Hillside Junior High
Material Fee:  $16.00
gobot4In this class, students will combine the art of reuse with creative sculpture and some beginner basics for identifying electronics parts.  You will pagers into robots!  2 for 1! 1 registers, 2 attend (shared materials).  Because we are constantly trying to make use and value out of seemingly obsolete things, having a box full of pagers isn’t a situation far removed from normal daily operations. In this case we’ve done pretty well. The idea of a small robot that simply “goes” is widely popular and many versions have been made. From retail DIY kits to injection molded “no assembly required” robots, there are many examples to choose from, but ours is unique in many ways. First, where all of these kits include a small vibrating motor “like in a pager,” ours is actually from a pager. This way we include a lesson on recycling, plus one for sustainability and education, right? Next, and this is the best part, *the pager is 80% of the kit* and it’s less expensive than literally every kit or robot like it anywhere. All you need to do is take apart the pager, saving the pieces, solder leads onto the motor, and use your imagination. In less than an hour you have your very own tiny robot bug that is unlike any other that has been made.

2 for 1.  1 registers, 2 attend (shared materials).

Ages 6+ with adult.

Registrations are open via the Boise Schools Community Ed site: