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This event finished on 07 December 2013

20130430_134520 We’re putting a new edge on the art and science of robotics and taking on some interesting research projects from the realms of open-source hardware and citizen science, and we would like to invite the public to participate in any way you see fit.  If by your enthusiasm, wisdom and advice, or sense of wonder, all are invited to participate.  On the first Saturday morning of every month, we’ll be showcasing some of the awesome robots we are producing from recycled or sustainable materials and are made by cool new technologies like our Reprap 3D printers or laser cutters.  Anyone can come hang out and get hands on with building their own projects and tinkering with new ideas.  Participation is free, some materials and tools will be on hand, as well as interesting new educational kits that we are developing for future workshops that no one else has seen yet!

This weekend, at our first session of Robotics Lab, its all about the first time, so if you would like to come down, please either bring the first robot you ever made, or your ideas for what your first robot might be!  We can talk about things that we want to try and make in our lab!

Robotics Lab is free to participate, and open to young and old alike.  Our session starts at 10am and will stay open until 2pm, arrive at any time you like!