Dates: February 11, 2014 Meets: Tu from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM Location: Hillside Junior High Instructor: David Gapen Fee: $46.50 Our in-house robotics enthusiast has dreamed up some pretty cool 3D printed robots that have some fun and intriguing features. Hivebugs are simple to build and hack, but can respond to each other and … Read more HiveBugs: Easy to build robots!

Dave’s got these crazy cool new models he’s been making that he swears “unlock the secrets of the universe,” which is all we can really get out of him because he starts laughing maniacally and runs off. From what we gather, they are called Atomic Polygons and are actually really cool! They are papercraft Platonic … Read more Atomic Polygons via Community Ed!

Our 3D printed Hivebugs are fun to build and hack, and can respond to each other and communicate with light. They’re like fireflies that flicker different colors when they see others of their kind doing the same. They also attract or repel other Hivebugs with their magnetic antenna. They can even combine to make swarms … Read more Hive Bugs via Community Ed!