Thank you i-STEM!

We here at Reuseum Educational would like to thank all of the hard working educators who gathered virtually today to try out our educational STEM kits! We hope our services…

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Robo-Rumble with Liberty JFK

Today the students at Liberty Just For Kids came to the Reuseum Educational to build Junk Drawer Robots. The students first built their robots using miscellaneous parts from our junk…

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Recycled Robots: A First Circuit for Aspiring Inventors

Some obsolete technologies such as cellphones and retired pagers can be to use and become tools of learning. You might have already seen lots of ideas surrounding the art of making a simple bristlebot, essentially a motor and battery glued onto the bristle end of an old toothbrush. This is a great idea, and we put a little twist on the kit by using recycled parts from cast off phones, pagers, and other small handheld devices. Other parts that we put into kits are items such as colorful wire, springs, gears, pieces of cd's, and electronic components, to augment our robot's look and feel

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