The Reuseum offers fun and interesting workshops for public schools, technology enthusiasts, and aspiring scientists who want to learn more about STEM.

Our hands-on, facilitator-led classes are sure to inspire the geek in everyone!

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SuperBristlebots – A bristlebot is a desktop robot, made out of toothbrushes, a small vibrating motor, popsicle sticks, and a battery. TIME: 90 minutes

Junk Drawer Robots A junk drawer robot is a robot put together from stuff we have laying around. The look and size varies greatly. Things the junk drawer robots all have in common are a9 volt battery, motor, toothbrushes, and wheels. TIME: 90 minutes

Doodle Bots – Students make and use small motors to draw pictures and mechanical doodles. TIME: 90 minutes

Marshmallow Challenge In the marshmallow challenge, children build the highest tower using small marshmallows, dry spaghetti, and it has to support the large marshmallow on the top. Children learn architecture and engineering. TIME: 90 minutes


Aerodynamics – Using the Reuseum wind tunnel and dry ice, we use model cars the children have built to study air flow and aerodynamics. TIME: 90 minutes

Hovercrafts – We engineer hovercrafts out of vacuum cleaner motors, shower curtains, and duct tape. The children build hovercrafts that they can ride. Focus on using tools and understanding the physics of floating on air. TIME: 6 hours minimum, can be broken up into 2 or 3 classes

Deconstruction Labs – In this class we bring equipment in for the children to take apart. Sometimes it is a computer, sometimes a printer, sometimes a laptop, sometimes a vcr, it varies. Children learn in this class how electronic components go together and work as a unit. Time: 90 minutes

3D Printing Demonstration – We bring in a large 3D printer and show the children how it works, as well as design, operation, and theories of 3D printing. TIME: 90 minutes

Balloon Hovercraft – Air powered micro hovercraft. TIME: 90 minutes

Tinker Cad – Introduction to Tinker Cad and it’s application to 3D Printing. TIME: 90 minutes

Invisible Forces – In this class, we give the children a better understanding of magnetism and how they work. We learn about magnets, build an electromagnetic motor, and the children then take the motor home with them. TIME: 90 minutes

Introduction to Micro Controllers – This class uses the Arduino Uno, and we teach the children how to build, operate, and program micro controllers. We make a light blink, fade, and a sweep with a servo motor and a knob with a servo motor. TIME: 90 minutes

Introduction to Soldering – In this class the children will learn how to solder. We bring a soldering iron, solder, and we also provide  a small blinking board that the student gets to keep. TIME: 90 minutes

Simple Circuits – In our Simple Circuits class, children are introduced to breadboarding by building several simple circuits in parallel series. The students will have a better understanding of how energy flows. TIME: 90 minutes

Squishy Circuits – Here students learn about electrical conductivity using cream of tartar based conductive dough. TIME: 90 minutes

Electricity Blocks – Blocks with different electrical components are used to form functioning circuits. TIME: 90 minutes

Mouse Cars – Recycled computer mice are used to make a car that moves. TIME: 90 minutes

Wind Cars – Cars are constructed that are solely air powered. TIME: 90 minutes

Rubber Band Cars – Cars that are powered by the energy stored in a rubber band. TIME: 90 minutes

Mouse Trap Cars – Use a mouse trap to spring load and power a car. TIME: 90 minutes

Fidgit Spinners – Making and decorating your own unique Fidgit Spinner. TIME: 90 minutes

Animatronic Ornaments – This class shows children how to animate an ornament with micro-motors and micro-controllers. Time: Holiday Specfic

Marshmallow Cannon – How far can you fire a marshmallow? TIME: 90 minutes

Marshmallow Challenge – How tall can you build a marshmallow tower? TIME: 90 minutes

Wall of Motion – Understanding and operating gears to complete tasks. TIME: 90 minutes

Design Your Own Sticker – Design and cut your own unique sticker. TIME: 90 minutes

555 TIMER Class – Integrated circuits basic course. TIME: 90 minutes

(In Development) Arduino Robotics – This class teaches the children how to build a robotic car, using Arduino Nano technology to control the car through a bluetooth device. We teach how to program the car with Arduino. TIME: estimated 90 minutes

(In Development) Me-Arm – This class builds and programs a robotic arm. TIME: 90 minutes

(In Development) Rheoscopic Fluid – This class covers fluids reacting to varying outside forces like heat, cold, movement. TIME: estimated 90 minutes

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