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Deconstruction Labs

Come join our FREE drop-in deconstruction Lab! This family activity is a fun and creative way to spend part of a Saturday. Learn about recycled technology, what methods are used to refine it, and what we may do with parts gained from the process.

Each participant will deconstruct some recycled technology and will have the opportunity to take insights from engineering, design, manufacturing, and other aspects of the pieces that are taken apart.

Bristlebot Build

Make your own miniature robot and race them away in this fun and knowledgeable workshop!

Kids learn about different types of electronic systems, friction between objects, and how adjusting the robot can create different circumstances!

For Schools and groups, come here for a 2 hour workshop with all supplies included. Each person takes home their very own Bristle-Bot.

Call us for prices and availability of larger workshops where we can come to you!

Circuit Building Basics

Circuits are the building blocks of all electronics. Building your own can empower electronics buffs, tinkers, artists, crafters or anyone else who enjoys the process of creation.

Circuits open the door to all kinds of interesting features for both existing and new builds. Anyone with a little curiosity can learn to build their own circuits, and we’ll show you how!

Junk Drawer Robots

Build your own robot out of spare parts found around the house – only we provide all of the materials for this popular low cost project.  

Combine, create, and experiment with robots that move on their own! Find out how different weight can create different ways for movement.

For schools and groups come here for a two hour workshop, all supplies included. Everyone takes home their very own Junk Drawer Robot.

Call us for prices and opportunities where we can come to you! 

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