Supporting STEM-based outreach and education is easy!

Both cash and material, non-cash donations help us fulfill our mission of delivering fun, STEM-based education and outreach to Idahoans.

Material donations may be new, old, outdated or just plain broken. We’ll either refurbish them to sell, use them in our workshops and outreach, dismantle them for parts and/or recycle them responsibly. Businesses, institutions and individuals are all invited to participate. As a registered 501(c)(3), Reuseum Ed can provide donation receipts for both consumer and business donations.

Here are some examples of noncash donations that we can leverage in fulfilling our mission:

  • Manufacturing equipment and supplies
  • Test equipment
  • Laboratory equipment and supplies
  • Business equipment
  • Servers and networking equipment
  • Computers, Flat Screen TVs and other household electronics
  • Spare parts, electronic and electrical components
  • Metal stocks, hardware and materials to make things

If you’re a business and want to donate a number of items, we are available to collect at your site and can accommodate you on short notice.

Thank you for donating to Reuseum Educational, Inc.! You are helping to provide inspiration and resources in STEM disciplines, as well as diverting old technology from the waste stream. The net effect is educated people, a stronger economy and a cleaner Idaho. 

Material donations may be dropped off Mon-Sat at:

Reuseum Educational

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